PadStand is an ultra portable ipad stand

Made from a super strong, food grade rubber, PadStand is virtually indestructible and is guaranteed not to scratch or damage your iPad in use. The great design is lightweight, portable and offers the following benefits:

3 Positions

You can position your tablet in (1) landscape mode for watching videos or listening to music, rotate into (2) portrait mode for Skype calls or reading, and then (3) lay-flat on the angled back for emailing or web-browsing.

Charger Port

The new and improved PadStand has a clever integrated port to clip in your standard iPad charger lead (not included). This means there are no additional leads laying around, and when you want to use your iPad in landscape mode, there is no connector in the way!

Optimum Viewing Angle

We have developed the perfect viewing angle of 13.5′, giving a more relaxed perspective, which helps to reduce screen glare and gives a more satisfying user experience. This optimised viewing angle makes it feel more natural to use your iPad, and you will wonder how you managed before!

Ultra Compact Size

PadStand has been developed and fine tuned to give maximum stability in the smallest footprint possible. We have managed to squeeze a super stable iPad stand into the following diminutive package;

  • Weight: 105 grams
  • Size: 85 x 60 x 40 mm
  • Material: Natural Rubber

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